MAT&BEN ASOCIADOS, S.L. with headquarters at Calle Pau Casals, 4, 2F, Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain with Spanish Travel License: GC-003503 and with a Civil Liability insurance policy with Axa , commercializes through the brand Lokoodreams, accommodations and other services, acting as an independent intermediary.  


 Lokoodreams operates as an online travel and events agency. On our website you can find and request travel services, experiences and events for individuals and groups.

Within the different themes you can choose offers for Getaways, Wellness Experiences, Sports Activities, Gastronomic, Tickets, etc. and also a specific section for LAST MINUTE bookings.

In case you are a group or a company there is a section dedicated to the options for Events or Group Activities. 

Some of the experiences we offer cannot be confirmed at the moment due to their uniqueness and we must first consult with the supplier.  If there is no problem with availability your reservation will be confirmed within 24-48 hours, in the case that the chosen date cannot be the definitive one we will offer an alternative as similar as possible.  

In any case we will take any steps to facilitate the process AND get a definitive answer in the shortest time possible. 

Upon completion of all purchase transactions a purchase confirmation and a service voucher will be sent via email to be presented at the selected establishment or to the corresponding supplier at the time other services such as transfers are to be provided.  

If you have successfully completed the process you will have created a Lokoodreams account which will allow you to access your reservations and corresponding details as well as your personal data for review at any time. 

Our Customer Service will be available by Whats app or email : And by phone 696.59.64.62 and 693.01.03.53, available at the following times: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm.




Lokoodreams will not store your bank details and you will be asked for them again when you make a new transaction on the website. 

By clicking on the "CONFIRM" button when placing your order, our bank (CIC Artes de Toulouse in France or BBVA in Spain) will check the validity of the credit card and make sure it is correct. For online payments, you can also ask before finalizing the transaction to be asked for a series of keys or personal data (via a redirection to the website of your bank or via SMS).

To make your transactions on our website always easier, we offer you the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or bank transfer. These various means of payment are of course totally secure. 

The personal information we collect is kept in a secure environment. The people who work for us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your information. 

To ensure the security of your personal information and all your purchase transactions, we use the following measures: a strict confidentiality framework and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. 

We are committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by integrating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, since no mechanism offers maximum security, risk is always present when using the Internet to transmit personal information. 

Our commitment to privacy complies with the requirements of the WEBEMPRESA server.



In some occasions you will have the possibility of using discount codes to be applied during a certain period of time and according to certain conditions. 

The code must be entered in the online purchase process to enjoy the corresponding discount instantly and can only be used once and for one reservation.

Discount codes are not cumulative (cannot be used for previous bookings). 

If you cancel or decide not to use a reservation for which you have used a discount code, you will not be entitled to receive a refund of the discount and the code cannot be reused.

Lokoodreams may proceed to cancel or deny the use of a discount code without prior justification if it becomes aware that the code is being used fraudulently.

In the event that your discount code has not been applied correctly, do not hesitate to contact Lokoodreams to correct the amount of the reservation before making the payment.Our Customer Service will be available via Whats app or email: And through the phones 696.59.64.62 and 693.01.03.53, available at the following times: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm.




The total price will reflect the total of contracted services including also any other extra service previously indicated (Type: per diem, supplements for third person, etc). Everything will be specified in the confirmation voucher of the reservation, both what is included and any contact information for any incident at destination.

The VAT will be reflected in the total and the only exempt amount will be the one corresponding to taxes or obligatory tourist taxes to be paid at destination according to current law, as in the case of Catalonia.

Children: The special conditions for children are agreed with each service provider and will not always be the same, each one may apply reductions or special conditions. They will always be reflected in the published products.

 Cribs:  The availability will be limited to the stock of each of the establishments, in the case of needing this service should be indicated at the time of booking.


The total price paid will include the type of service selected, everything will be specified in the booking confirmation voucher both what is included and any contact information for any incident at destination.  

The transfer service may be enjoyed by the person(s) identified in the reservation or on whose behalf it has been purchased, and may not be transferred for use by another person. 

In the case of groups, the person responsible for the group shall confirm the other persons in the group and shall ensure that the persons identified accept the booking conditions, including any cancellation or modification fees.   

Lokoodreams is committed to take you to a confirmed destination. If for any reason an incident occurs during the transfer, please contact us as soon as possible in order to solve it and take you to your confirmed destination in order to provide the correct transfer service.


The total price paid will include the type of service selected, everything will be specified in the voucher confirmation of the reservation both what is included and any contact information for any incident.  

In some ticket services, the face price of the ticket may be lower than the price you have paid, the reason is because costs such as handling and delivery fees will be included. 

It is not guaranteed that the tickets can be correlative in certain types of events (soccer matches, F1 Grand Prix, etc.) and it may be the case that the attendees must be separated during the event, although Lokoodreams will always try to favor the closest possible arrangement for the client. 

The reserved service can only be enjoyed by the person(s) identified in the reservation or on whose behalf it has been purchased, and cannot be transferred for use by another person. 

In the case of groups, the person responsible for the group will confirm the other persons in the group and will ensure that the persons identified accept the booking conditions, including any cancellation or amendment fees.   

Tickets once issued are non-refundable.


When an event is contracted with Lokoodreams, all the services established in the previous contract will be included, from those mentioned above, accommodation and transfers, to extra services such as catering, audiovisuals, animation, etc... 

Everything would be included in the same reservation and invoice as full management of services necessary for the proper development.


We recommend that you always carry the voucher with you so that you can present it at the time it is required by the provider of the contracted services. Lokoodreams is not obliged to replace vouchers that are lost, damaged or forgotten.    

In terms of conduct, it cannot be said that you assume an obligation to comply with the particular rules established by the service provider during the performance of the services.  

Any information on the services offered on our website is as accurate as possible to the reality provided by the provider itself, always trusting that the quality standards are met.  Lokoodreams is not responsible for the lack of accuracy of the information provided.  

The prices published on the Lokoodreams website are subject to the conditions of the suppliers, who may modify their rates without prior notice.

In case of typographical error in the prices and conditions shown, Lokoodreams will inform you of the error and will allow the cancellation of the reservation at no cost, the erroneous price will not be considered valid in any case.


To make any modification and/or cancellation on your reservation you can contact directly with our Customer Service Department by e-mail via: And to the telephones 696.59.64.62 and 693.01.03.53, available in the following schedules: Monday to Friday from 9 to 19 hours. 

In the event that any modification/cancellation involves an additional charge applied by our supplier, you will be informed in advance to confirm definitively the actions to be taken with your reservation.  The amount of the cancellation fee may vary depending on the destination, dates, supplier and advance notice of the cancellation/modification, reaching 100% in some cases. 

Lokoodreams will reimburse the amount paid, deducting the cancellation fees incurred with respect to the service provider, within 10 working days from the communication of the cancellation.  

In relation to the cancellation policy regarding the tickets and excursions service and according to the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, there is no legal right of cancellation, neither for the transfer service.  

However, Lokoodreams reserves the right to review the conditions under which the cancellation takes place in order to determine if an exception can be made. 

No refund will be made if the cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance or less than the advance notice required by the service provider. 

It is always your responsibility to obtain confirmation and/or acknowledgement of receipt of the cancellation or modification of the reservation in order to finalize the process. If Lokoodreams is not aware that the reservation has been previously cancelled, no refund will be made for the no-show at the accommodation on the date indicated in the reservation. 

In the event that the reservation is deemed to have been made with a fraudulent credit/debit card, Lokoodreams reserves the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice.


At any time the user or consumer can cancel the services requested or contracted, having the right to the refund of the amounts paid, whether it is the total price or the advance payment foreseen in the preceding paragraph, but must compensate the Agency for the concepts indicated below.

In the case of single services: the total of the management expenses plus the cancellation expenses, if the latter had occurred.

In the case of combined trips and unless the cancellation is due to force majeure.

1) Handling fees: Handling fees for reservations, total modification (change of all names on the reservation, change of destination, change of both travel dates or change of type of sale) and cancellation of the requested services will be applied according to the time from the creation of the reservation, according to the following scale:

- Up to 72 hrs. after the creation of the reservation: NO CHARGE.

- From 72 hrs. and up to 7 calendar days from the creation of the reservation: 60€.

- More than 7 calendar days from the creation of the reservation: 120€.

- Reservations confirmed between 7 and 2 days before the start date of the trip, will have 24 hours to cancel without charge. To cancel without expenses.

- After this period, 120€ will be applied as a handling fee.

2) Cancellation expenses. If any

-A penalty, consisting of 5% of the total cost of the trip if the cancellation is made more than ten days but less than fifteen days prior to the date of the beginning of the trip;

- 15% between days 3 and 10,

and 25% within forty-eight hours prior to departure.

- No show at departure 100%.

*NOTE: Regular Line airline tickets, once issued, carry a cancellation fee.

All amounts indicated above are cumulative. Failure to show up at the scheduled time of departure shall not entitle the customer to any refund of the amount paid, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

The travel programs included in our catalog are subject to the General Conditions of the package travel contract, except in matters of cancellation fees which shall be governed as specified in the preceding paragraph. In cases where the Organizer conditions, and so expressly specifies, the viability of the package tour offer to have a minimum number of participants and for not reaching that number, the cancellation of the trip occurs, the user shall be entitled only to reimbursement of the total price or the amounts advanced, without being able to claim any amount in compensation, provided that the Agency has notified in writing at least ten days prior to the scheduled date of commencement of the trip.


The conditions to be applied for these groups will depend on those determined by each supplier contracted for each service, however, in the absence of others, the following conditions will be applied as a general rule, being flexible depending on the circumstances.


- Deposit Policy

  • First deposit of 15% of the proforma invoice as confirmation of the event at the signing of the contract.
  • Second deposit of 35% of the pro-forma invoice (two months prior to the event date)
  • Third deposit of 25% of the total proforma invoice (one month prior to the event date)
  • Remaining balance of the total invoice due 10 working days before the arrival of the group.

If deposits are not received on the dates indicated, the supplier reserves the right to dispose of all or part of the rooms and/or services reserved.

- Cancellation policy: 

  • Between 89 days and 60 days prior (indicate date) 10% of the total pro forma invoice will be invoiced. 
  • Between 59 days and 30 days prior to (insert date) 50% of the total pro forma invoice will be invoiced. 
  • Between 29 days and 10 days before (insert date) 80% of the total pro forma invoice will be invoiced. 
  • Between 10 days and the date of the event (indicate date) 100% of the total pro forma invoice will be invoiced. 

The calculation will be based on the total pro forma invoice for the services originally contracted.

- Reduction of rooms: 

  • Between contract signature and 60 days a reduction without penalty of 25% of the total number of room nights contracted will be allowed. 
  • Between 59 and 30 days a reduction without penalty of 15% of the already revised room quota will be allowed.
  • Between 29 and 10 days a reduction without penalty of 10% of the room quota already reviewed will be allowed.
  • Between 9 and 3 days, a reduction without penalty of 5% of the room quota already checked will be allowed. 
  • 3 days before the day of arrival, in case of a reduction, the total of the reduced room nights will be invoiced.

Any reduction above these percentages will be billed for the total amount of the cancelled accommodation. 

- No-shows

In case of no-show the supplier is authorized to charge the total amount corresponding to all the days booked.


A minimum of 10 people will be considered as a group and the fares quoted for the group will be valid for 7 days. Once these days have passed, a new quotation should be made and if the total number of seats offered on the flight has changed, the price could increase.

The check-in of one bag per passenger up to 23 kgs will be included unless otherwise stated.

You must provide us with all the names of the group of passengers (pay attention to the data since any change of name implies a later cost) to proceed with the reservation and the subsequent check-in so that you can proceed directly to the boarding area with the reservation locator that we will provide you and your valid identity document.

- Terms of payment:

  • A 30% deposit will be requested at the time of confirmation of the quotation.
  • The remaining 70% will be paid 30 days before the first flight.
  • In case the requested flights are to be carried out less than one month before the first flight, 100% payment will be requested.

- Modifications of confirmed groups:

In the case of wanting to make changes in already confirmed groups such as adding people, the price could vary from the initial one and be higher depending on the remaining places at that moment.

- Reductions of confirmed groups:

In the case of wanting to reduce part of the group, we will proceed to pay the corresponding expenses according to the airline company.


Lokoodreams recommends that you inform yourself in advance about the conditions and risks involved in traveling to certain destinations, as well as what is required regarding vaccinations, passports, visas, etc. Lokoodreams will not be responsible for the non-fulfillment of any requirements for entry to the destination.  

It is also advisable to take out travel insurance, if you do not already have one, to cover personal and material losses and medical expenses in case of accident or illness during the trip (Lokoodreams can arrange this).

If you have any reason for complaint during your stay or during the enjoyment of any other service offered , we recommend that you contact the supplier directly so that they can help you solve the problem. 

In the event that the solution is not the appropriate contact our Customer Service via Whats app or email: And by phone 696.59.64.62 or 693.01.03.53 available Monday to Friday from 9 to 19 hours.


Booking through the Lokoodreams website is conditioned to the acceptance of the present General Conditions, legal notices, cookies policy and Lokoodreams privacy policy. You agree to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to this website and the bookings contracted through it. 

If you do not accept any part of the General Conditions, you should not continue with the reservation process.


These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law and any litigation that may arise as a consequence or in relation to the same shall be expressly and exclusively submitted to the Courts of Barcelona.