We look for the most suitable venues, whether they are large or small, secluded, with a view, seaside, historic, central, .....

There are a wide variety of venues that you probably didn't know about and that can be adapted to host any event, we'll help you with everything you need.

As well as providing accommodation, we also coordinate the rest of the services needed to make an event run smoothly, such as furniture hire, decoration, catering and organising transfers for participants with Meet & Greet at the airport.

We can also offer you a wide range of sports and leisure activities to liven up a working day and make the event more relaxed, in the bleisure format that works so well these days.

It's important to think about combining theory and group practice to strengthen the cohesion and connection of your teams. To do this, we can also present different teambuilding actions, so whether you're a small or large group, you can create fun moments that you'll remember later.


We know how important it is these days to satisfy customers and employees, we know how important it is to keep them loyal and that is why we offer you our services to create a unique event for you, fulfilling your wishes so that it is just as you imagined it.

If you are short of time or ideas, we will be there to offer you our experience, preparing the event from start to finish, presenting proposals, negotiating the budget until the objective is achieved, mediating with all the suppliers involved, supporting you during the development of the activity and bringing it to a close.

We cater for all budgets and offer all kinds of alternatives.


There are times when it's necessary to switch off, to take a RESET, after periods of high performance and demands, a reward for employees is more than advisable and necessary.

Any action such as an incentive trip, a new project within the company, a Family Day, a spring party, a Christmas party or a gala dinner will be an investment in their well-being and in improving the company's social and inclusive atmosphere.

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You know that your best ambassadors will be your employees. If you take care of your internal customers, they will take care of your external customers, so surprise them from time to time.


At Lokoodreams, we help you find everything you need for your business trips: flights, hotels, car hire, transfers, etc.

We make it easy, convenient and fast for you, and everything is unified with a single supplier.

Request a free quote for your next business trip NOW.


Increasingly, we want to contribute to improvements that help change aspects of everyday life, whether it's sustainability or social work in an increasingly engaged society.

We can put you in touch with associations that are helping to improve the well-being of people, animals or the environment so that you can do your bit.

We can also introduce you to programmes run by experts that can be applied within your company, such as changing the way your employees eat, creating green spaces in the office, raising awareness of the impact of our footprint on the natural environment, creating moments of mental well-being, etc.

If you commit to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that's a good start - every great action begins with a first step.

In short, we know how important it is today to satisfy customers and employees, we know how important it is to maintain the loyalty of each of them and that's why we offer you our services to create events with moments, fulfilling your wishes to make them as you imagined them.